The metamorphosis project examines the topic of transgender through the morphology of organisms. Topic  that is still taboo in the society. People see the transsexuals as a strange play of nature and condemn them. Because of the intolerance of the society, many of transsexuals are commit suicide. Transexuals have been accompanying us since the beginning of history. In some cultures, transsexuals are labeled as gods. They are the same people as we are. It is important for me to tolerate all without distinction.

The human body is the receptacle for our soul. Our body can sometimes deceive us in who we really are. We seek our own identity, balance, and the interconnection of body and soul. 
Butterfly is a creature that undergoes the most fascinating metamorphosis in its life. In cocoon is completely dissolve and forms in to another creature. Between the butterfly metamorphosis and the transformation of trassexuals, I see an analogy. The transsexual must go a long way before it is ready for its transformation. If transsexual  succeeds in managing this path, he/she can fly as a butterfly.
The basic building blocks of my project are: sacred geometry and symbols of man and woman, duality, infinite possibilities of organism morphology and cocoon of Apatura Iris butterfly. I chose this butterfly because it is a protected butterfly in the Czech Republic. I was fascinated by the shape of his cocoon and the blue color of his wings. The blue color of his wings is only visible in sunshine.

By examining the butterfly morphology of Apatura Iris, the basis of triangle as a symbol of man and woman. I find numerous shapes. I used these combinations as a supporting element of my jewelery.
The resulting series consists of six jewels reflecting my perception of the human body and the transgender theme.
The entire collection is made on a 3D printer, because the layers that are typical for 3d prints evoke the fibers of the caterpillar. There are two colors in the collection, the body and the blue. The body color represents the human body, and blue represents the Apatura Iris Butterfly, and is at the same time the color of peace, satisfaction, harmony, and the symbol of infinity of the divine universe.


 Antonie Lechér | Jewellery